Commissioner of the Revenue


A passenger vehicle assessment may be reduced if the vehicle has high mileage.  The reduction is based on actual mileage as of January 1, 2020.  The following chart indicates the minimum mileage necessary to qualify for high mileage reduction.

Model Year Mileage
2020 10,001
2019 20,001
2018 35,001
2017 45,001
2016 60,001
2015 70,001
2014 85,001
2013 95,001
2012 105,001
2011 120,001
2010 130,001
2009 140,001
2008 150,001
2007 155,001
2006& older 165,001

To apply for high mileage reduction, please provide our office with the following information:

1.  A copy of the 2019 vehicle state inspection or a service work order documenting the mileage; AND

2.  Current mileage for vehicle (include year and make)

This information is due to the Commissioner of the Revenue by March 1, 2020. If you have any changes to your personal property, please contact our office to ensure that your account information is accurate.


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